Art work:再造物語/The Reproduction

再造物語-男與女,展出於伊通公園/The Reproduction-Male and  Female, IT-Park  

或許, 生活在數位化的生活場景中是一件很幸福的事情!
「再造物語」試圖透過模擬、演算的方式將果實與肉身等的立體狀態轉碼為扁平的圖式, 以“模擬”作為一種 “重構”的起點, 在觀看過程中,改變的不是數位生活場景的內容, 而是一種介入的方式、一種閱讀的方式、一種觀看的方式, 電子媒體化的世界並非取消了生命的內容物, 而是透過擷取、編碼、重組、儲存、系統化的過程再造一個延伸的世界。
Living in a digitalized environment could be a blessing of man.
In the process of seeing “Simulation” as the beginning of “recreation (reconstruction)”, the real changing is not the content of digitalized environment scene but the ways of reading, intervention and seeing. The world inside of the electronic media dose not cancel the meaning of real life but through the systematically process of data collecting, coding, reconstruction, information storage…etc to create an ever expanding world.

「再造物語」的系列創作的構想來自於一種對於生命體的未來想像以及既存經驗的回溯, 當現實的生活中可能有超過一半的比例是需要透過電子化媒體來完成的時候,該如何看待生命、對象、情感呢?透過這些電子化媒體,生命正被被媒體擴充、延伸著,若從電子媒體的生活經驗來思考「生命」,「自然」這既成的事實變為一件很難令人滿足的解答,因為我們更著迷的是再造世界中無法觸及的『自然』經驗—一個可以被開展、編碼、另存的操作經驗。換言之,由非物質(immaterial)的電子技術介面所帶來的超越體能極限之能力,一方面邊緣化著我們的肢體感官;一方面無邊無底的擴增我們意識的版圖,使人之存有成為一種寄居於軀殼內、網路,和消費社會的大眾傳播媒介的生存狀態。而除功能性的滿足之外,電子媒體化令人著迷於其中還有一種「超越的」、「理想式的」精神,一種擺脫人作為一個「已被命名的生命體」的追求,隨著技術不斷地進展,似乎已經不敢斷言何為可能、何為不可能。
In the era of half of your daily life will go through the electronic media, how will we to treat and think of our life, emotions or things in front of us? Works of “The reproduction” come from the ideas of imagining the future beings and the recall of existed experiences.
Life is expanding by electronic technologies in now days. Somehow while us rethinking about the “Life”, “Nature” which inside of the electronic media realm, we will found there were no ordinary answer for us anymore. Inside of this digital simulation world, the essence of “Nature” that catch our mind are experiences of free exploring, coding and re-saving but never a touchable reality. In other words, although the immaterial character of electronic technologies help us to cross the limitation of our physical capability, yet it also marginalized our body sensations. With electronic technologies we could infinite expanding our mental territory, and turned the life status of ourselves become the ghostly inquilines of our body, internet and the mass media of consumption society. Besides of the functional satisfaction, there still charms of electronic media such as the ideas of “transcendence”, “ideal” and aspire of seeking to go beyond the “named creature”. Following the development of technologies the boundaries of “possible” and “impossible”, “able” and “unable” gradually getting blurred. Through the digital simulation and the electronic computing “The reproduction “intend to change the solid status of bodies, fruits…etc become the plate patterns.