Public Art:指尖的詩緒/Poetry of Fingertips-Public Art Project of CABTC

Poetry of Fingertips/ Agi Chen, Fu-hua Chuang
地面燈光設置/Installation of Ground Lamps

This public art work incorporates colorful ground lamps embedded as Braille codes on the pavement. I've endeavored an encounter for the two poets, Fu-hua Chuang and Helen Keller who both suffer from multiple disabilities, to share their life experience. When the two writers’ lines connect in a circle, such encounter symbolizes two poets embrace each other transcending time and space. Furthermore, the encounter has transformed to colorful hues and shades, glittering the viewers’ affection and concern for the under-privileged groups.

  /Public Art Installation Project of CABTC-Sketch of City—the Tales about Her